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Friday, March 31, 2023

Saturday, April 1, 2023

7:45am ~ Women’s Health

Carolyn Marie Moyers, DO, FACOG, NCM

7:30am ~ SGLT 2 Therapy: The Gift That Keeps Giving

Robert S. Busch, MD, FACE

8:45am ~ Demystifying the ANA and Other Serological Testing

Jennifer L. Kendall, MD

8:30am ~ Current Evidence-Based Transfusion Practices

Randall K. McGivney, DO, FCAP, MBA

9:45am (Neurology Panel) ~ Movement Disorders

Faiza Waheed Butt, MD

11:00am ~ Adrenal Disorders

Jennifer St. John, DO

9:45am (Neurology Panel) ~ Epilepsy in 2023

Jay H. Harvey, DO, FAES

(Presentation not available on website)

12:45pm (Cardiology Panel) ~ TAVR: Current Understanding and Applications

Mohammad Khaled Ghani, MD

9:45am (Neurology Panel) ~ Multiple Sclerosis: Paradigm Shifts and Practical Implications

Gabriel Pardo, MD, FAAN

3:15pm ~ Dermatology for the Internist

Kelli Lovelace, MD

3:30pm ~ Long COVID

Teresa G. Hardesty, DO

4:30pm (Proper Prescribing) ~ Opioid Epidemic: An Update

Jason W. Beaman, DO, MS, MPH, FAPA