Pre-Symposium Resources


  • You will receive an email with a personalized link to the Zoom Webinar Thursday, April 4th from Dr. Will Woods at Use the same link for both days. Attested CME hours must be commensurate with the attendance report generated by Zoom.

FAQ’s –

  • Please visit the FAQ PAGE for answers to additional questions you may have that are not addressed below.

DAY OF Symposium Resources



  • The program will begin promptly at 7:30am both days.
  • You may view the agenda through this PDF LINK (link will open in a new window).
  • For speakers who have given their permission, you may view the PDF of their presentation on two places within the website: 1) WEBSITE HOMEPAGE – Scroll halfway down the page to the Agenda section and click on the lecture title to access the PDF. 2) SPEAKERS WEBSITE PAGE – Speakers are listed alphabetically, click on the lecture title to access the PDF. (Both links will open in new windows).


  • You are welcome to submit questions for the speakers using the Q&A feature on Zoom. Do not submit your questions via Chat. The Chat feature is meant for peer-to-peer communication amongst the virtual attendees. Questions asked in Chat will not be addressed during the presentations.
  • To learn how to access the Q&A, please watch THIS VIDEO.


  • Each participant is required to sign-in on their own device.
  • YOU WILL BE ASKED TO CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE DURING EACH LECTURE VIA POP-UP QUESTIONS. These pop-ups will occur approximately 15 minutes after a lecture has begun.


  • A QR code will be provided during each lecture so that you may attest for your participation and give an evaluation.
  • In addition to the QR code, a link will be provided in the Chat Box at the end of each lecture. You can access the same attestation/evaluation by using this link.
  • A follow-up email will be sent to eligible participants with links to the individual evaluations.
  • You will be able to access each evaluation throughout the weekend so that you can update and edit your answers at any time. All evaluations are due no later than Monday, April 15th.
  • Please note that the entire evaluation will not be made available all at once. Instead, as each lecture begins that portion will open up to be completed.
  • Each lecture has their own evaluation. You will hit the submit button once you complete each evaluation.
  • Hours claimed should be commensurate with the time that you participated in the learning activities. We are not able to report hours for any physician who does not sign-in and complete both a program evaluation and attestation.

Post-symposium Resources


  • A certificate with the number of credit hours will be sent 7-10 days after the symposium. A separate certificate will be sent for those who participated in Dr. Robertson’s lecture: “The Opioid Epidemic” (for proper prescribing credit).


  • CME hours for all osteopathic physicians will be submitted to the AOA by Friday, April 26, 2024. DO’s will be responsible for self-reporting proper prescribing credit to the OSBOE.
  • All other healthcare providers will be responsible for submitting their hours to their own licensing board.
  • We are not able to report hours for any physician who does not sign-in and complete both a program evaluation and attestation.