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Virtual Symposium Resources

Pre-Symposium Information:

Day of Symposium Information:

Agenda (mailed to attendees)


Day 1 Presentations – Friday, April 9

Jaclyn C. Jones, DO – Aches & Breaks: Orthopedics for the Internist

Bernard R. Rubin, DO – Gout: A Crystal-Clear Update

Anna Mazur, PhD – Commonly Seen Neurodegenerative Disorders

Ryan T. Morgan, DO – Lipids: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Timothy W. Winter, DO – Insights in Ophthalmology

Kevin M. Klauer, DO – AOA Update (presentation will not be available on website)

Ronald R. Blanck, DO – Pandemic Preparedness: Put the Brakes on Outbreaks!

Gitanjali Pai, MD – COVID-19 Facts and Misconceptions

Kelly Murray, PharmD – Pearls and Pitfalls of Pharmaceuticals in the COVID-19 Era

Jabraan S. Pasha, MD – COVID-19: Implicit Bias and Racial Disparities (presentation will not be available on website)

Day 2 Presentations – Saturday, April 10

Robert S. Busch, MD – Candy-Crushin’ the Heart

Adam M. Karpman, DO – Non-Invasive Approach to Chest Pain

Alessandra Morello Gearhart, MD – Sleep Disorders

Mousumi Som, DO – Anticoagulation Therapy

Stacy M. Chronister, DO – Outpatient Hacks: An EBM Approach to Non-FDA Approved Therapies

Nisha Sharma, MD – Pancreaticobiliary Disease

Jason W. Beaman, DO – Opioid Prescribing Requirements: Why are we Here?

Kelly J. Dunn, MD – Alcohol Use Disorder

Samuel J. Martin, MD – Opioid Use Disorder

Jason W. Beaman, DO – Methamphetamine Abuse

Post-Symposium Information:

At the conclusion of the symposium Saturday evening, participants will be automatically directed to the required program evaluation and attestation form. The link will also be sent to every participant who signed in to stream the live webinar via email.

If you do not get an email within 24 hours, email her directly so that she can re-send the link. Hours claimed should be commensurate with the time that you participated in the learning activities.

We are not able to report hours for any physician who does not sign-in and complete both a program evaluation and attestation.