2014 Speakers

2014 Symposium Speakers

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C. Scott Anthony, D.O.
Appropriate Opioid Prescribing

Sheldon C. Berger, D.O., FACOI
Hep C: The New Frontier

Robert S. Busch, M.D., FACE
Diabetes Update 2014

Kevin P. Hubbard, D.O., FACOI
Oncology: It is a Brave New World

Robert S. Juhasz, D.O., FACOI
Washington Update: Impacting Patients and Physicians

James D. McKay, D.O., FACR
Common Rheumatic Disorders for the Internist

Niraj M. Meta, D.O.
UPSTF: May the Force Be With You

Daniel A. Nader, D.O., FCCP, FACP
Sleep Apnea: The Noisy Killer

Gabriel M. Pitman, D.O.
Seizures and Other Spells

Randall S. Reust, D.O., FACOI
HTN: The Slient Killer

Philip M. Riley, D.O.
Cardiology Update 2014: Woo Pig Sooie!!

David N. Scheck, M.D.
Healthcare Acquired Infections

Gary L. Slick, D.O.
Update on OCC and Maintenance of Licensure

Johnny R. Stephens, Pharm.D.
Treatment Guidelines for HIV-1 Infected Patients

Richard B. Tayrien, D.O., FACOI
HIT in 2014

David Thompson, D.O.
Surviving Sepsis Guidelines: Update and Review