A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Medical Academic Building
1633 Southwest Blvd
Tulsa, OK  74107

You may park in the Parking Garage that is attached to the Tandy Building and take the parking garage elevator to “4R”.

Please note that the 5th floor of the parking garage is actually the 4th floor of the building.


Construction to the NORTH of the OSU-CHS Campus:

US-75 Southbound

Southbound US-75 (east leg of the Inner Dispersal Loop) is closed between Archer St and US-64 / SH-51 through spring 2022 for a resurfacing project. Traffic will detour to the other legs of the IDL. Various ramp closures that could impact traffic include:

  • Westbound I-244 off-ramp to southbound US-75
  • Eastbound I-244 off-ramp to southbound US-75
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to eastbound I-244 / US-412
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to eastbound SH-51 / US-64 / Broken Arrow Expressway
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to westbound SH-51 / US-64
  • Southbound US-75 / westbound US-64 / SH-51 and eastbound US-64 / SH-51 / Broken Arrow Expressway on-ramps from 8th St
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to 7th St
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to 1st St

Construction to the SOUTH of the OSU-CHS Campus:

I-44 and US-75 Interchange

As part of a project to widen I-44 from west of the Arkansas River to Union Ave, and to improve the I-44 / US-75 interchange, the project is scheduled for overall completion in early 2023. Plan on heavy traffic with delays causing congestion in all directions, particularly on Friday morning. Lane and ramp closures include:

  • The eastbound I-44 off-ramp to southbound US-75 (mm 224) is OPEN.
  • The eastbound I-44 off-ramp to northbound US-75 (mm 224B) and the southbound US-75 off-ramp to eastbound I-44 are closed through early 2022. Use alternate route, such as I-244.
  • Drivers on southbound US-75 should be extra alert to traffic merging from the westbound I-44 on-ramp.
  • The eastbound I-44 off-ramp to S Elwood Ave (mm 224) is closed through early 2022. Drivers can use the protected turnaround at S Peoria Ave (mm 226) and westbound I-44 to access S Elwood Ave.
  • Union Ave is closed over I-44 through early 2022. Union Ave traffic will detour to 33rd W Ave for access across the interstate during this closure. Expect delays on this detour route and be alert to slower or stopped traffic.
  • Skelly Dr is closed between Union Ave and Olympia Ave and the intersection of Skelly Dr and Union Ave is closed until further notice.

I-44 / Turner Turnpike

I-44 / Turner Turnpike is narrowed to two lanes in each direction between SH-364 / Creek Turnpike (mm 218) near Sapulpa and 49th W Ave (mm 222A) in Tulsa through spring 2022 for ongoing reconstruction and widening.

Construction to the WEST of the OSU-CHS Campus:

US-412 / US-64 / SH-51

Drivers should be alert to traffic shifts, shoulder closures and reduced speeds on east and westbound US-412 / US-64 / SH-51 between 49th W Ave and 65th W Ave through summer 2022 as part of the Gilcrease Expressway project.

You may visit the ODOT Website for the most current information on these road construction projects.