Orange Cone Alert

Construction to the NORTH of the OSU-CHS Campus:

US-75 Southbound

Southbound US-75 (east leg of the Inner Dispersal Loop) is closed between Archer St and US-64 / SH-51 through spring 2022 for a resurfacing project. Traffic will detour to the other legs of the IDL. Various ramp closures that could impact traffic include:

  • Westbound I-244 off-ramp to southbound US-75
  • Eastbound I-244 off-ramp to southbound US-75
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to eastbound I-244 / US-412
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to eastbound SH-51 / US-64 / Broken Arrow Expressway
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to westbound SH-51 / US-64
  • Southbound US-75 / westbound US-64 / SH-51 and eastbound US-64 / SH-51 / Broken Arrow Expressway on-ramps from 8th St
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to 7th St
  • Southbound US-75 off-ramp to 1st St

Construction to the SOUTH of the OSU-CHS Campus:

I-44 and US-75 Interchange

As part of a project to widen I-44 from west of the Arkansas River to Union Ave, and to improve the I-44 / US-75 interchange, the project is scheduled for overall completion in early 2023. Plan on heavy traffic with delays causing congestion in all directions, particularly on Friday morning. Lane and ramp closures include:

  • The eastbound I-44 off-ramp to southbound US-75 (mm 224) is OPEN.
  • The eastbound I-44 off-ramp to northbound US-75 (mm 224B) and the southbound US-75 off-ramp to eastbound I-44 are closed through early 2022. Use alternate route, such as I-244.
  • Drivers on southbound US-75 should be extra alert to traffic merging from the westbound I-44 on-ramp.
  • The eastbound I-44 off-ramp to S Elwood Ave (mm 224) is closed through early 2022. Drivers can use the protected turnaround at S Peoria Ave (mm 226) and westbound I-44 to access S Elwood Ave.
  • Union Ave is closed over I-44 through early 2022. Union Ave traffic will detour to 33rd W Ave for access across the interstate during this closure. Expect delays on this detour route and be alert to slower or stopped traffic.
  • Skelly Dr is closed between Union Ave and Olympia Ave and the intersection of Skelly Dr and Union Ave is closed until further notice.

I-44 / Turner Turnpike

I-44 / Turner Turnpike is narrowed to two lanes in each direction between SH-364 / Creek Turnpike (mm 218) near Sapulpa and 49th W Ave (mm 222A) in Tulsa through spring 2022 for ongoing reconstruction and widening.

Construction to the WEST of the OSU-CHS Campus:

US-412 / US-64 / SH-51

Drivers should be alert to traffic shifts, shoulder closures and reduced speeds on east and westbound US-412 / US-64 / SH-51 between 49th W Ave and 65th W Ave through summer 2022 as part of the Gilcrease Expressway project.

You may visit the ODOT Website for the most current information on these road construction projects.